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Students of North American Studies in Bonn have to register for the kleine Zweithörerschaft at the University of Cologne, if they want to do AM2 and 3 at the University of Cologne. This is free of charge. Further information on the kleine Zweithörerschaft can be found here.

1. Application:
Information for the Application: After registering in Klips 2.0, you have to chose “Visiting Students – Faculty of Arts and Humanities Cooperative Study Programme UoC/Bonn” as your degree programme.

2. Enrollment:
In order to enrol you need to upload the following documents:

  • Admission Letter (can be found on Klips 2.0)
  • Current Certificate of Enrolment for the semester you are applying for the kleine Zweithörerschaft
  • Permission from the Lecturers’ for getting a Zweithörer/innen certificate (form will be available as a download on Klips 2.0). Permission from the dean's office is not necessary.

3. Re-Registration:
You are required to re-register for the kleine Zweithörerschaft for every semester you want to attend classes in Cologne.