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Students of North American Studies in Bonn have to register for the kleine Zweithörerschaft at the University of Cologne, if they want to do AM2 and 3 at the University of Cologne. This is free of charge. Further information on the kleine Zweithörerschaft can be found here.

1. Application:
Information for the Application: After registering in Klips 2.0, you have to chose “Visiting Students – Faculty of Arts and Humanities Cooperative Study Programme UoC/Bonn” as your degree programme.

2. Enrollment:
In order to enrol you need to upload the following documents:

  • Admission Letter (can be found on Klips 2.0)
  • Current Certificate of Enrolment for the semester you are applying for the kleine Zweithörerschaft
  • Permission from the Lecturers’ for getting a Zweithörer/innen certificate (form will be available as a download on Klips 2.0). Permission from the dean's office is not necessary.

3. Re-Registration:
You are required to re-register for the kleine Zweithörerschaft for every semester you want to attend classes in Cologne.

4. Exam Registration:

In order to attend classes at the University of Cologne, students from Bonn have to register via KLIPS. Students from Bonn have to register for the exams via the BASIS system.

You can find more information here.