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Mental Health Resources

Not feeling Okay?

Student life, especially for international students, can be challenging. Moreover, an increasing number of students experience psychological stress in the ongoing pandemic.

If you struggle with anxiety or think it might help to talk to someone, please make use of the following resources:

Student counseling available at Cologne University:

If you would like to see a therapist on a regular basis, you can check out the webpage of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung (unfortunately only in German), or make an Appointment for a “Psychotherapeutische Sprechstunde” (psychotherapeutic consultation) or an “Erstgesprächs” (initial meeting).

You can search for a therapist on this page, for instance

Although most therapists will say that they do not have the capacity for regular appointments, a first meeting will be a good start. The therapist might help you with giving you an idea what kind of therapy you need and might have a free spot after all.

Here is also a list of resources compiled by the city of Cologne (in German):

Please note: in case of an acute crisis, you can go to the nearest hospital and seek help there!