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Online Catalog

North American History (Books are lendable despite being marked as "Präsenzbestand")

The call number is preceded by the library code. Every library in the University's system has a number. Ours is 422.

Our call numbers consist of numbers and letters.
The numbers represent topics (Dewey Decimal Classification) and the letters represent the author's name and title.

In addition to books on American history, we have a large collection of British history. These books are located on the middle level. You can recognize them by the red tape on the spine. The books are marked by an E in the call number to distinguish them from our general collection.

Please stop by at the librarian's office for the following materials:
Sonderdrucke, DVDs, CD-Roms, Microfilms and -fiches, call numbers "Schrank", maps

For books marked AGuF please contact the student assistant of the AGuF.

Card index

We started our online catalog in 1996 and haven't been able to catalog our complete holdings yet.

If you are doing research in the following subject areas, titles published before 2000 probably have not been added to the online catalog yet:
US regional studies (DDC numbers 974-979)
General US history (DDC numbers 973)
British, Irish, and Canadian history (DDC numbers 941, 942, 971)

We recommend using the card index for comprehensive research. You find it on the mid-level, a little bit hidden in a corner where books with the DDC numbers E396 are located. Please ask at the information desk if you have trouble finding it.