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Career Coaching

Career Coaching at the University of Cologne

Unsure how to launch your successful career after finishing your degree in North American Studies? Don’t worry, the University of Cologne is here to help.

Firstly, we would like to highlight our Institute’s very own career-related event: Once per semester, our institute invites alumnae of the North American Studies M.A. to share how they started their careers and where they are now. The alumnae talk is a regular part of our colloquium, which takes place on Tuesday afternoons during the semester. Guest speakers are announced online through our mailing list, Institute website, Instagram, and Facebook as well as through posters around our Institute.


In addition, the University of Cologne offers different career coaching services.

If you are interested in launching a career in Germany, please visit the following website:
Individual consultations are one option, as are group sessions and coaching designed to help you improve your confidence, get more efficient at job searching, and learn how to navigate the German job market.

For international careers, please see the following overview, compiled by the University’s Professional Center:


The Philosophikum also offers a variety of career services, including public lectures, workshops, and individual coaching. These are geared more specifically towards students and soon-to-be graduates in the humanities. The team offers one-on-one sessions in German as well as English. If you need help identifying your goals and aspirations, as well as practical guidance for writing CVs and letters of motivation, this is the place to go! The website is currently only available in German:

There is also a program specifically for female career development, see:



Finding an internship can be difficult – at the same time, an internship may also be the first step in launching your successful career. Internships can also provide valuable networking opportunities that could benefit your future job search. Please see the following databases for internship opportunities (currently only available in German):

Please note that the mandatory internship for the MA North American Studies does not have to be related to your field of studies, the United States or anything scholarly.