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Programs and Degrees

Bachelor (BA) Geschichte, Master (MA) Geschichte

The Institute offers courses for the BA and MA programs in History and the BA and MA programs in Area Studies Latin America.

Master (MA) North American Studies (NAS)

The Institute offers the interdisciplinary MA program “North American Studies”, which is run in collaboration with the University of Bonn.

The program combines Literary & Cultural Studies, History & Society and Postcolonial Studies.
The core module deals with American literature and culture from its colonial beginnings to the present. Various courses introduce students to the historical dimensions of the societies of Canada, the U.S., and the Caribbean. Seminars and lectures will convey the knowledge of central theoretical approaches and key concepts as well as current research questions within the field of Postcolonial Studies.

The program “MA North-American Studies” at the University of Cologne includes cooperation of the Department of North American History, the English Department, the Instituto de Historia Ibérica y Latinoamericana, the Institute for Art History and the Institute for Media Studies at the University of Cologne.

Most courses are taught in English.

To apply you need a degree in an accredited BA studies program, which provides a pertinent basis for the MA North American Studies.